About This Project
Best Retreading Equipment Supplier

In recognition of the best manufacturer or supplier of tread rubber, both precure and mould cure, to the global tyre retreading industry in terms of innovation, product quality and service.

Meet The Winner

TRM is the Marangoni Group’s retreading machinery division, offering a full range of retreading equipment for both hot and cold retreading including inspection, equipment, shearography machines, buffers, cushion gum and precured tread builders, tread and sidewall extruders, curing presses and autoclaves, as well as the capability of putting together turnkey plants.

Meet The Nominees

Central Marketing

Central Marketing, based in Colonial Heights, VA, has been a leading distributor of tyre retreading equipment and accessories in North America for the past 35 years. The company is the nominated agent in North America for a number of key equipment and accessory brands, including CIMA, MAE, Matteuzzi, SDS and VMI.


Italmatic, based in Milan, Italy, is a family-owned business with a long tradition in the retreading industry. With operations in the Far East and the US as well as in Europe, the company has a global presence as well as being able to offer a full range of equipment for the retreading sector. The company offers trunkey retreading plants as well as robotics technology, in-house PLC software design, and a range of buffing blades and carbide tools.


Based in Bologna Italy, Matteuzzi is a family run business with a long tradition as a supplier of top of the range technology for retreaders. The company, founded in 1956, enjoys a status as a historical leader and pioneer in buffing machine technology including the launch of the first computerised buffer in 1989, and now operates over 800 computerised buffers around the world.

Vipal Machinery

Vipal Machinery, formed in 2015, is the fast-growing division within Vipal Rubber responsible for developing equipment for the tyre retreading sector. At this stage, the company’s equipment range consists primarily of buffing and building equipment. Sales are mainly in South America, although key sales have now been achieved with important Vipal customers in the US, Australia and Europe.