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What are The Recircle Awards?

The Recircle Awards is a global event designed to recognise the contribution of companies and individuals within the tyre manufacturing, retreading and recycling industries towards the Circular Economy.

When are The Recircle Awards?

The winners of the third Recircle Awards will be announced online on Thursday, November 16, 2023

Where are The Recircle Awards?

The Recircle Awards will be organising a launch ceremony with at Tyrexpo Asia at the prestigious Marina Bay Sands Hotel. The event programme will also have its usual digital presentations throughout the year with the final awards being presented later in the year. Dates and locations will be confirmed in due course.

How many award categories are there in The Recircle Awards?

There will be a total of 22 awards covering a wide and balanced range of categories from across the tyre industry.

What award categories are there in The Recircle Awards?

A full range of categories for the 2023 Recircle Awards can be found here

Who is eligible to nominate a company, product or person for a Recircle Award?

Anyone is entitled to make a nomination for a Recircle Award and can do so via this website. The following groups will be specifically invited to make nominations:


  • The Nominations Committee
  • Registered collaborators and sponsors
  • Key associations and trade bodies from the retreading and recycling sectors worldwide
  • Readers of Retreading Business, Tyre & Rubber Recycling, The Tyreman and other selected trade publications from around the world

How are the nominees selected?

The shortlist of nominees will be selected by a specially constituted Nominations Committee. The criteria for selecting the shortlist will be based on both the number of nominations received and the quality of the arguments given by those submitting the nominations. The Nominations Committee will be selecting 5 nominees per category. The decision of the Nominations Committee will be final.

Who is on the Nominations Committee?

The 15-strong Nominations Committee will consist of the respective editors of Retreading Business and Tyre & Rubber Recycling plus 13 further individuals from the global tyre retreading and recycling industries. These have been selected according to:


  • Their acknowledged expertise in the tyre retreading and recycling sectors
  • The need for them to be independent
  • The need for a balance between retreading and recycling
  • The need for an acceptable balance in terms of geographical representation


Our industry is diverse and far reaching and the make-up of our committee will reflect this. A full list of individuals on the 2023 Nominations Committee will be announced shortly.

How many nominations can I make?

The Nominations Process allows for one nomination per person/email address in each category.

When is the deadline for nominations for The Recircle Awards?

Nominations for the Recircle Awards will open on March 8, 2023 at 6pm GMT.

Nominations for the Recircle Awards will close on May 12, 2023 at 23.59 GMT.

When will The Recircle Awards shortlist be revealed?

The Nominations Shortlist will be announced on June 19, 2023 in a digital ceremony.

Who is eligible to vote in The Recircle Awards?

Anyone is entitled to vote in the Recircle Awards and can do so via this website.

How many votes can I submit?

Voting in the Recircle Awards is limited to one vote per category per person / email address. Voters will be required to validate their email address before casting their vote. The system will  discount multiple votes and will guarantee that voter fraud is not committed via IP address manipulation

When does the voting process for The Recircle Awards open and close?

The voting process opens as soon as the nominees are announced and closes on September, 8 2023 at 11.59 GMT

How are the winners of The Recircle Awards determined?

The vast majority of the Recircle Awards are open to public vote, and the winners of each award will be determined by the results of the voting process. The winners are the candidate with the highest number of votes from the public voting process and the adjudication of The Recircle Awards Voting Committee. The Public Vote is responsible for 70% of the vote and The Recircle Awards Voting Committee for the remaining 30%.


A limited number of special awards will be determined by Retreading Business and Tyre & Rubber Recycling. A list of which awards are open to public vote can be viewed here.

What safeguards are in place to protect the integrity of the voting process?

The voting system for the Recircle Awards incorporates a number of safeguards to identify and counteract voter manipulation, and to guarantee the integrity of the Awards. This process is overseen by a Voting Committee managed by the editors of Retreading Business and Tyre & Rubber Recycling.

How do I vote?

Voting can be carried out via this website. You will be able to cast your vote following the announcement of our 2023 cast of nominees.

Who is the Title Partner of The Recircle Awards?

The Title Partner of The Recircle Awards is Autopromotec 2022.

What sponsorship opportunities are available for The Recircle Awards?

For information on specific sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at recircleawards@valebridgemediaservices.com

Who are the media partners of The Recircle Awards?

The nominated Media Partners of the Recircle Awards are the specialist magazines Retreading Business and Tyre & Rubber Recycling.

The Tyreman, SA Treads, Europneus and Tyre Trends became media partners for the Recircle Awards in 2023.

Who can be a collaborator?

Collaborator packages are available to all companies and industry bodies active within the tyre retreading and recycling sectors.

How do I become a collaborator?

For information and pricing on Collaborator Packages please click here.