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Best EPR Scheme

In recognition of the best EPR scheme in terms of quality, innovation and service. 

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SEGINUS is the first organisation to focus on organising the tyre recycling sector in Ecuador. More than 3,000,000 end of lie tyres were converted and or recycled during their second year of activity. The organisation is now investing in various recycling projects including the use of tyres in pyrolysis and football fields.

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Ecopneus is the largest EPR scheme in Italy. In addition to the task of managing tyre arisings from the major part of the Italian market, it also undertakes public education through sponsorship of events and working with the authorities to assist in local tyre waste management issues.


Swedish EPR scheme SDAB has taken a different approach to EPR management that has resulted in Sweden having one of the highest collection rates in Europe. SDAB has also recently taken steps to improve the recycling rates in the country to improve the effectiveness of the circular economy.
It’s approach is increasingly environmentally orientated.

Signus Ecovalor

Signus Ecovalor is one of the global leaders in EPR schemes. Whilst depending on the support of the all the main tyre manufacturers, SIGNUS has helped Spain become a leader in rubberised asphalt, brake pads and also pioneering the use of recycled tyres in fashion through the sustainable fashion brand Neomatique. Last year the company collected 176,178 tonnes of tyres and reused 170,721 tonnes.

Tyre Stewardship Australia

Tyre Stewardship Australia has been at the forefront of building Australia’s tyre recycling capacity. It has managed grant funding, worked to promote the industry and has worked hand in hand with the government on the waste tyre export ban.