About This Project
Best Passenger Retreader

In recognition of the best manufacturer of retreaded passenger tyres in terms of product quality and service.

Meet The Winner


Fedima is the car and 4×4 brand of Portuguese retreader Recauchutagem 31. The company has a long history and has established itself as a retreader producing in multiple segments. The company claims to produce the widest range of retreads in the industry.

Meet The Nominees

Black Star

Black Star is a French passenger car and 4×4 tyre retreader. Today, under new management, the company has become extremely pro-active in the French market, signing a deal with Mobivia to produce passenger retreads at the former Bridgestone plant in Béthune, France.

Insa Turbo

Insa Turbo, based in Aspe near Alicante, is Spain’s largest largest retreader, with a capacity of more than 500,000 passenger, truck, agricultural and OTR retreads per annum. With a history dating back to 1988, the company is still a family-owned business and operates from modern facilities strategically located across Spain as well as exporting the Insa Turbo brand

Malatesta Pneumatici

Malatesta Pneumatici, based near Rome, is a leading Italian retreader manufacturing a wide range of retreads including both car and truck retreads


Radburg is a major retreader based in Romania. The company produces car and truck retreads, but has become one of the key global players in passenger retreading supported by an extensive casing collection and tyre recycling business. The company recently acquired Kingpin Remoulds, the last surviving UK passenger retreader.