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2023: Awards Categories

The 2023 Recircle Awards voting period is now closed for another year. We really appreciate your support in making this event better than ever. Stay tuned to discover the winners in Bologna at Futurmotiv on the 16th of November 2023.

Best OTR Retreader

In recognition of the best manufacturer of retreaded OTR tyres in terms of product quality and service.

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The Voting Period is now open for the 2023 Recircle Awards

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The Voting Period is now closed for the 2023 Recircle Awards

Thank you for participating in the 2023 Recircle Awards!

The Recircle Awards is continuing to cement its status as the tyre industry’s premier awards event for the tyre retreading and recycling sectors.

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Meet The Winner

Eco Green Equipment

Eco Green Equipment, based in Salt Lake City, Utah in the USA, is a leading manufacturer of tyre grinders and rubber recycling equipment and offers cost-effective turnkey tyre recycling systems on a global basis. The company, which specializes in the tyre sector, is active in more than 44 countries in 4 continents.

Meet The Nominees

Community Tire

US based Community Tire is a third generation retreader offering what is claimed to be the most comprehensive OTR bead-to-bead mould cure product offering in the world.

FM Pneus

FM Pneus is the largest agricultural and OTR retreader in Brazil. It has 8 retreading plants in total with a capacity of more than 3,000 tyres/month of the agricultural line and OTR. Works with orbitread technology


Marangoni is a world-renowned brand leader in the tyre retreading industry, and has years of experience in the OTR selling products all over the world. The company’s production process involves the use of shearography both in the initial and in the final inspection.

Reifen Wagner

Based in Bamberg, Germany, Reifen Wagner is a leading retreader offering both truck and OTR retreads.

Renova Peru

Renova is a specialist OTR retreader with plants in Peru and Chile. The company was the first tyre retreader in the world to retread a 53/80R63 tire in 2006