About This Project
Employee of the Year

An award to recognise an exceptional contribution by an employee of a company within the tyre retreading or recycling sector to further the cause of their company and the industry they work in, in terms of sustainability and contribution to the Circular Economy.

Meet The Winner

Fabricio Nedeff (Vipal)

Fabricio Nedeff is Vipal Europe’s Commercial Manager and has been nominated for his important contribution to the development of the tyre retreading market in different parts of the world, such as: United States, Mexico, Middle East, Africa and Europe, acting with professionalism, ethics and commitment.

Meet The Nominees


Ankita Saikia (Tyromer)

Ankita Saikia is Director of Quality & R&D at Canadian tyre and rubber recycling specialists, Tyromer. She has been nominated for her dedication to her role, her creativity and her detailed understanding of devulcanization, which has made her a key part of the Tyromer team.

Bernardita Diaz (Sustrend)

Bernardita Diaz is the General Manager of the Chilean technology firm, Sustrend. She has been nominated for her work in implementing the industry’s Clean production Agreement and for her work in analysing the way to validate the tyre recycling sector within a global context of recognition of green business.


Camilla Raffaelli (VM Rubber)

Camilla Raffaelli has been nominated for her key role within VM Rubber helping the company to grow its sales and turnover globally. She has been particularly recognised for her high degree of professionalism and her dedication towards continuous training and study in the commercial and advertising field.

Ron Elliott

Ron Elliott (Pre-Q Galgo)

Ron Elliott is the current Marketing Manager for USA & Canada for Pre-Q Galgo. Prior to this he also voluntarily decided to create RETREAD INSTEAD and RUN RETREADS for the promotion of educational topics related to the retreading industry. He hs been nominated for his overall tenacity, love, and commitment for the industry.

Employee of the Year Winner 2022:

Jim Foughty (GOODYEAR)

Jim Foughty works for Goodyear and is the Manager of Field Services Retread Systems for North America. Throughout his career, he has made significant contributions in the retread space, from selling retreads, operating retread equipment, managing plants, designing equipment/plants to overseeing Goodyear’s authorised retread network.