About This Project
Best Tyre Derived Recycled Product

An award for the best new tyre derived recycled product introduced since the start of 2019. 

Meet The Winner

SustrendLab: Lithium Ion Batteries from Recycled Tyres

SustrendLab is a Chilean technology company, which has developed a technology that turns recycled Carbon Black into graphite. With this technology they have been able to develop a lithium iron battery from recycled tyres.

Meet The Nominees

BASF / Vaude: Ultramid-Ccycled Clothing

The German chemicals giant BASF and the mountain sports apparel supplier Vaude have been nominated for their jointly developed product, Ultramid-Ccycled, which is an innovative range of trousers produced from end-of-life tyres.

Ceyes: CE Green City Panels

Dutch company CEYES has been nominated for its CE Green City panels, which is manufactured from used rubber granules sourced from worn artificial sports fields. The rubber panels are robust and have an ecological footprint that is 20 times smaller than alternatives such as plastic or rock wool.

Ecore International: Recycled Flooring Products

Ecore International, based in Lancaster, PA, has developed the process and technology to transform and manufacture recycled rubber and reclaimed materials into surfaces for almost every commercial flooring application need including hospitals, retail spaces, wellness centers, sport facilities, fitness, home gyms and more.

XTyre Global: SMART Rubber Pallet

XTyre have been nominated for their SMART rubber pallet, manufactured from an aggregate of recycled crumb rubber bonded with a specially formulated polyurethane bonded under high pressure. The pallet was developed in conjunction with Sandvik to use the inherent strengths of recycled rubber to cope with the demands of a heavy equipment workshop.

Best Tyre Derived Recycled Product Winner 2021:


This Argentinian project has been led by CEVE (Experimental Center for Economic Housing Research) and CINTEMAC (Center for the development and transfer of materials and quality), who have developed a roof tile made from recycled tyres and plastics. The product’s innovation lies in its excellent resistance to hail and bending, its low water absorption and ease of assembly.