About This Project
Best Tyre Recycling Research Project

In recognition of the best new research project carried out within the tyre recycling sector.

Meet The Winner

Blackcycle: The Blackcycle Project

BlackCycle is currently one of the largest, if not the largest, research projects in the tyre recycling field. With numerous partners across Europe and Michelin as project leader, a highly skilled team is focusing on the production of the “tyre of the future”, which mostly consists of tyre derived products generated by pyrolysis.

Meet The Nominees

GEC Compounds: Research into the creation of Genesis Evolution Compounds

GEC Compounds have been nominated for their research into the development of Genesis Evolution Compounds

Maria Esther Hernandez

Maria Esther Fernandez: The Application of Textile Waste from End of Use Tyres in the Production of Fibre Cement

Uruguayan research focusing on the technical evaluation of the use of textile waste from End-of-Life-Tyres for the production of flat fibre cement plates and roof tiles.

Patricio Muñoz / SustrendLab: The Recovery and Re-use of tyre sawdust in the manufacture of solid tyres for forklifts

This project concerns research into the recovery and reuse of tyre sawdust in the manufacture of solid tyres for forklifts.

SustrendLab: Research into the extraction of T-Phite from tyres

SustrendLab is engaged in research into the extraction of T-Phite from tyres. The Graphite upgraded from recovered carbon black is used to create the anode in a battery, thereby assisting battery manyufacturers in their drive to sustainability.

Best Tyre Recycling Research Project Winner 2022:

Leticia Saiz Rodriguez / Jose Maria Bermejo Muñoz: Determination of the Biomass Content of ELTs

This group of researchers has developed a study to determine the biomass content in tyres at the end of their useful life. This is a very important work that can be taken as a reference by various research teams seeking to quantify the carbon footprint of tyres.