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Best Truck & Bus Retreader

In recognition of the best manufacturer of retreaded truck and bus tyres in terms of product quality and service

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    Meet The Winner

    Eco Green Equipment

    Eco Green Equipment, based in Salt Lake City, Utah in the USA, is a leading manufacturer of tyre grinders and rubber recycling equipment and offers cost-effective turnkey tyre recycling systems on a global basis. The company, which specializes in the tyre sector, is active in more than 44 countries in 4 continents.

    Meet The Nominees


    he Germany-based new tyre manufacturer has been nominated for the company’s ContiLifeCycle retreading facility in Hanover, Germany and for its commitment to sustainable retreading via the company’s ContiLifeCycle Concept.

    Insa Turbo

    Insa Turbo, based in Aspe near Alicante, is Spain’s largest largest retreader, with a capacity of more than 500,000 passenger, truck, agricultural and OTR retreads per annum. With a history dating back to 1988, the company is still a family-owned business and operates from modern facilities strategically located across Spain as well as exporting the Insa Turbo brand internationally.


    Marangoni is a world-renowned brand leader in the tyre retreading industry, in the design and construction of tyre retreading machinery, in the production of TBR and OTR retreaded tyres, and in the manufacture of compounds for technical products.


    Unigoma, established in 1932 is a Vipal retreader based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The owner, Esteban Rappazzo is President of the Argentinian Retreaders Association and has been a leading contributor to furthering the cause of retreading in Argentina and has invested recently in upgrading his plant.


    Vaculug, the UK’s largest independent retreader, has continued to reinvent itself during 2022. The company has continued to restructure its management team and has been a leader in terms of promoting the sustainability of its own business as well as of retreads in general.