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Best Tyre Derived Recycled Product

An award for the best new tyre derived recycled product

Meet The Winner

Michelin – Tyres Containing RCB

Michelin has approved tyres with large volumes of rCB for road traffic in Europe. This is a result of multiple racing tyre developments such as use in Moto-e and at Le Mans 24h race and others. The demand from the tyre industry for rCB will enable capacity building that will in turn help the industry to reach sustainability and circularity targets.

Meet The Nominees

Ceyes – Green City Panels

Ceyes Green City Panels, sustainably produced from waste tyres, offer a sustainable alternative to plastic-based retention layers for green roofs. They eliminate plastic waste and significantly reduce their carbon footprint compared to their counterparts

Rubtec SpA – Rubtec Rubber Bumpers

Chilean company RUBTEC SpA has 7 years in business transforming End of Life Tyres into new products such as, rubber flooring, shingles, parking stops, sills, and Rubber Bumpers. The rubber bumpers are made with stainless steel bushing and the composition of the bumpers body is made with 90% used tyre derived material.

Shredded Tire – Miami Echo Construction Blocks

Shredded Tire Incs Miami Echo construction blocks are manufactured from scrap tyres. They are manufactured by taking tyre mulch with nylon strands and blending it with Portland cement and waste slag to achieve an 87% certified recycled content. Finally, water is added to create an indestructable construction block.

Xtyre Global – Evaporation Inhibitor Floating Panel

X-Tyre Global has developed an 88% recycled rubber composite that floats on water. This has the potential to save billions of litres of water evaporation off dams and reservoirs. Phase two of development now underway is to laminate a flexible 3D printed solar panel onto the surface so the water savings and electricity generation will pay for the installation over a shorter period.

Best Tyre Derived Recycled Product Award Winner 2022:


A Chilean technology company, whose raison d’etre is to rethink the way waste is used. The company, part of the Dosandar Group of companies, which includes the Chilean retreader INSAMAR, is focused on creating innovation uses for scrap tyres. The most recent innovation has been the creation of Lithium-ion batteries from scrap tyres.