About This Project
Best Company Director

In recognition of exceptional performance by a company director within the tyre retreading and/or tyre recycling industries.

Meet The Winner

Matthias Leppert

Matthias Leppert (Marangoni)

Matthias Leppert is the COO of the Marangoni Group (and Managing Director of Marangoni Retreading Systems Deutschland GmbH)and has been nominated for his role in increasing the success of Marangoni in the retreading sectors as well as in the OTR sector.

Meet The Nominees

Aleksey Gryschenko

Aleksey Gryshchenko (Yashina)

Aleksey Gryshchenko is the Managing Director of the Ukrainian retreader, Yashina. He has been a pioneer in promoting quality retreading in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. He has been nominated for this as well as his wllingness to share his knowledge with others nowadays and the success he has achieved in a country where there is little support for retreads and no anti-dumping protection.

Hernan Diez Vargas

Hernando Diez Vargas (ANRE)

Hernando Diez Vargas is Director of the Colombian Retreaders Association ANRE and has been nominated for the role he has played in representing the industry and advancing circular economy arguments in Colombia.

Jorge Crespo

Jorge Crespo (Vaculug)

Jorge Crespo is the Managing Director of UK retreader Vaculug. He has been nominated due to his success in producing excellent sales results in the relatively short period since his appointment and overseeing the creation of a new management team. He has also helped spearhead to move towards making Vaculug a leader in the drive towards sustainability within the retreading sector.

Thomas Sorensson

Thomas Sorensson (Scandinavian Enviro Systems)

Under Thomas Sorensson’s leadership, Scandinavian Enviro Systems has rebuilt its business model and built a relevant team and partnerships with some of the world’s largest players to enable SES’s development in the pyrolysis sector.

Best Company Director Winner 2022:

Patricia Malnati (Jomsalva SA)

Patricia Malnati is the President of Argentinian rubber manufacturer Jomsalva SA. She is also Director of the Sustainability Committee of the Latin American Rubber Industry Association (SLTC) and Vice President of the Sustainability Department of the Industrial Union of the Province of Buenos Aires. Her proactive spirit and vision of achievements through her participation in organizations lead her to face projects within her community and in the business environment to affirm the potential of businesses led by women.