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Lifetime Achievement Award in the Tyre Recycling Sector

In recognition of an outstanding contribution by an individual over the course of their career to the tyre recycling sector. 

Meet The Winner


Giovanni Corbetta

Giovanni Corbetta was the first director of Ecopneus, the EPR Scheme in Italy. He started 15 years ago drafting the EPR scheme for the management of ELTs in the country. Over the years he has worked closely with the Italian government to formulate the laws on tyre recycling, as well as being responsible for taking the first steps in setting up the company. During the last 10 years, Giovanni’s commitment and passion has cemented Ecopneus’s position as a key player within the Italian recycling ecosystem. Giovanni retired from the position as Managing Director of Ecopneus in 2021.

Lifetime Achievement Award
in The Tyre Recycling Sector Winner 2021:

Valerie Shulman

Valerie Shulman began to study tyre recycling in the EU in 1989 and developed the Tyre Recycling Project in 1992 which, after initial EU funding, became the nucleus of ETRA. A contributor to the preparation and presentation of the 1999 Basel Convention Guidelines on used tyres, she has served as Secretary General of ETRA for twenty-six years.