About This Project
Tyre Pyrolysis Award

In recognition of a particularly outstanding contribution to the tyre recycling sector by a pyrolysis company. 

Meet The Winner

Scandinavian Enviro Systems

The Swedish pyrolysis operation was founded in 2001, has its head office in Gothenburg and runs its own plant in Asensbruk, Sweden. The company has received significant financial input from Michelin, who own 20% of the company.

Meet The Nominees

Bolder Industries

US based sustainable products and circular solutions company Bolder Industries has taken tyre pyrolysis from the margins of research to commercial success. One of the few companies to make the transition from research to pilot plant to commercial success.


This Canadian operation has been built up from the research and development stage to a holistic enterpise at its Hawkesbury plant. The whole process is contained in a single building, and the company plans to operate a JIT feedstock supply. Although new to commercial operations, the plant is planned down to the last detail.


Taiwanese pyrolysis operator Enrestec has established a total solution for the entire process starting from used tyre collection, shredding, pyrolysis to product refinement. Annual throughput is 36,000 tons of valuable green products generated from waste materials including recycled oil, eco-friendly carbon black, steam and steel wire.


Germany-bsed Pyrum Innovations is the only tyre pyrolysis company with a continuous process running 24/7 for over 1 year producing high quality products for BASF and prestigious tyre producers. Their technology is innovative and shows multiple advantages compared to classic rotary kiln reactors or batch reactors. They are also a key partner in the EU-funded BlackCycle Project, which represents a turning point for the tyre industry.

Tyre Pyrolysis Award Winner 2021:

Scandinavian Enviro Systems

A pioneer in tyre pyrolysis, the Swedish technology supplier has opened markets for rCB materials with Volvo and a number of seal manufacturers. It has also attracted investment from Michelin, who are interested in SES’s rCB. SES was one of the first pyrolysis operations to break into the auto market and attract tyre manufacturer funding.