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Vipal Rubber is one of the largest tyre retreading companies in the world. With 13 distribution centres spread across strategic points of the globe, it is present in over 90 countries and in all continents. It is the leader in Latin America, with over 300 authorized retreaders and is the only company with a complete line of products for retreading and repairing all types of tyres. 

Additionally, Vipal offers products to the industry and manufactures machinery for retreading commercial, agricultural and OTR tyres. In order to serve the market, Vipal has a substantial structure made up of 4 manufacturing plants representing a production area of more than 183,000m²; an installed capacity of more than 19,000 tons per month; and 3,000 employees. 

Over 48 years, Vipal has combined experience with technical knowledge. It has a Corporate University and one of the most robust Research and Technology Centres in the world in the segment, housing 13 laboratories. All that structure allows Vipal to provide excellent products that are benchmarks for quality around the world. 

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