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The 2023 Recircle Awards voting period is now closed for another year. We really appreciate your support in making this event better than ever. Stay tuned to discover the winners in Bologna at Futurmotiv on the 16th of November 2023.

Mechanical Tyre Recycling Award

In recognition of a particularly noteworthy contribution to the tyre recycling sector by company specialising in mechanical tyre recycling processes

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Meet The Nominees

Duramos SAS

Duramos SAS is a transport company for the energy mining sector in Colombia. Since 2020, the company has been operating the first OTR recycling plant in Colombia and South America.


Italy-based E-Cova is primarily a recycler of solid tyres. However, the company has developed a solid tyre buffing system than removes the buffings by vacuum and classifies them according to size and potential use. The system is now being sold across multiple markets as a solution for the recycling of solid industrial tyres.


The Denmark-based tyre recycler is one of the largest tyre recycling operations in the world. Plants are located in Denmark, Germany, Portugal and the USA.


Murfitts is the largest tyre recycler in the UK, one of the largest in Europe. It operates in almost every field of tyre recycling from TDF through to fine powders for rubberised asphalt.

Rembre Tyres

Rembre Tires specialises in the industrial recycling of used tires, both common and mining (OTR), as well as conveyor belts in Chile. The company operates two plants, one in Santiago, and another in Antifagasta, closer to the mines. The second plant is the largest tyre recycling facility in Latin America.