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Best Tyre Recycler

In recognition of the best tyre recycler in terms of product quality and service. 

Meet The Winner

Scandinavian Enviro Systems

The Swedish pyrolysis operation was founded in 2001, has its head office in Gothenburg and runs its own plant in Asensbruk, Sweden. The company has received significant financial input from Michelin, who own 20% of the company.

Meet The Nominees


The Denmark-based tyre recycler is one of the largest tyre recycling operations in the world. Plants are located in Denmark, Germany, Portugal and the USA.


GRP Limited is a diversified tyre recycler from India focusing on supplying reclaimed rubber from scrap tyres. The company exports to over 50 countries around the world.

Liberty Tire

Liberty Tire Recycling is North America’s largest tyre recycler, processing more than a third of the USA’s scrap tyre arisings. The company operates through 24 production facilities and collects 190 million tyres annually for processing into raw materials and recycled products.


Murfitts is the largest tyre recycler in the UK, one of the largest in Europe. It operates in almost every field of tyre recycling from TDF through to fine powders for rubberised asphalt.

Best Tyre Recycler Winner 2021:


Founded in 1992, Tyrerecycle is Australia’s largest tyre collector and processor of End of life tyres. It operates a national network of tyre collection sites and 5 tyre processing facilities including Australia’s largest crumbing plant in Somerton, Melbourne. The company also claims a position as the only producer of TDF that guarantees a full chain of custody.