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Industry Achievement Award for the Tyre Recycling Sector

In recognition of an specific achievement within the tyre recycling sector.

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French company Regom have been nominated for their current development work in tyre identification machinery

Meet The Nominees

CM Shredders

CM Shredders

CM Shredders have been nominated for developing the Liberator, one of the best sets of equipment for removing wire from tyres

Eldan Recycling

Danish shredder manufacturer Eldan are responsible for building some of the biggest and most reliable tyre shredding equipment

Rubberjet Valley

Rubberjet Valley have been nominated for their development of water jetting technology in tyre recycling

Scandinavian Enviro Systems

Scandinavian Enviro Systems have been nominated for their pioneering work in the tyre pyrolysis sector

Industry Achievement Award Winner 2022:

Kayel Retreads

The Malaysian truck tyre retreader has become the first South-East Asian company to achieve ECE 109 Certification for its retreaded tyres.