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Spirit of Retreading Award

In recognition of a particularly noteworthy contribution to the retreading industry by a mid-sized, small or regional retreader. 

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Meet The Winner



Tyresoles is amongthe largest retreaders in India and has been at the forefront of fighting for recognition for retreading in that market.

Meet The Nominees

Medina Med

Medina Med is Kraiburg dealer based in Bulgaria. The company has manufactured Kraiburg precured retreads since 1996 but more recently invested in establishing its own hot cure retread facility , also in conjunction with Kraiburg. The investment required for this was subsidised by the EU.

Power Retreads

Power Retreads is a New Zealand based Vipal dealer who have three decades of experience in supplying quality retreads.

Recapagens Budini

Recapagens Budini

Recapagens Budini was founded in 1982 by Tony Nicolini. It was and continues to be the 1st Bandag retreader in the Brazilian market. In 1982 it was also the first cold cure technology retreader in that market.


Yashina is a Ukrainian retreader based in Dnipro who has continued to do business throughout the war in Ukraine.

Spirit of Retreading Award Winner 2022:

FM Pneus

FM Pneus is a fast-growing retreader based in the town of Miravilha in Brazil. The company operates six production sites covering the states of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Parana, Mate Grosso do Sul and Sao Paulo. This year the company has been particularly active, acquiring two retreaders Tyresblue, based in Gaspar and Warmor Renovadora de Pneus from Itajaí as well as opening its sixth plant.