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2023: Awards Categories

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Industry Achievement Award for the Tyre Retreading Sector

In recognition of an specific achievement within the tyre retreading sector.

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Meet The Winner


TRM is the Marangoni Group’s retreading machinery division, offering a full range of retreading equipment for both hot and cold retreading including inspection, equipment, shearography machines, buffers, cushion gum and precured tread builders, tread and sidewall extruders, curing presses and autoclaves, as well as the capability of putting together turnkey plants.

Meet The Nominees

B&J Rocket

B&J Rocket

B&J Rocket have been nominated for revolutionising the retreading industry with the historical development of the B&J blade system



Brazilian retread equipment supplier Lukatec have been nominated for their pioneering work in the development of robotic buffing technology.


Matteuzzi was a pioneer in the development of compuerised buffing and have been nominated for their development of the iconic RAS 90 DC buffer

Presti Industries

Presti Industries have been nominated for their historic development of the seamless retread envelope.


VMI have been nominated for their development of AZ Cushion to Casing smearing technology.

Industry Achievement Award Winner 2022:

Kayel Retreads

The Malaysian truck tyre retreader has become the first South-East Asian company to achieve ECE 109 Certification for its retreaded tyres.