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Business Breakthrough Award

In recognition of a significant impact in terms of new market entry or growth by a company active within the tyre retreading or recycling sector.

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Meet The Winner

Black Star

Black Star is a French passenger car and 4×4 tyre retreader. Today, under new management, the company has become extremely proactive in the French market, signing a deal with Mobivia to produce passenger retreads at the former Bridgestone plant in Béthune, France. The first tyres manufactured at the plant were launched earlier this year under the brand name Leonard.

Meet The Nominees


Contec actively works at the forefront of the tyre pyrolysis industry and has now secured its mid-term plans in terms of both capacity expansions (existing production facility plus 4 more locations within the EU), as well as technology improvements and quality control.


Italmatic, based in Milan, Italy, is a family-owned business with a long tradition in the retreading industry. With operations in the US as well as in Europe, the company has a global presence as well as being able to offer a full range of equipment for the retreading sector. This year the company has made significant progress in the development of robotics for the retreading industry as well as the acquisition f the rights to the Intact sheargraphy technology from Zeiss.

Pyrum Innovations

Germany-based Pyrum Innovations in the only tyre pyrolysis company with a continuous process running 24/7 for over one year producing high quality products for BASF and prestigious tyre producers. Their technology is innovative and shows multiple advantages compared to classic rotary kiln reactors or batch reactors. They are also a key partner in the EU-funded Blackcycle Project, which represents a turning point for the tyre industry.


In the past year, Tyromer has opened up two new commercial facilities, one in Windsor, Canada, and one in Arnhem, the Netherlands. The company has also signed additional licensee to be set up in Canada and India. Last November, Tyromer had public statements of support and partnership announcements from both Continental Tire and Apollo Tyres.

Business Breakthrough Award Winner 2022:


The Canada-based cleantech company has made significant progress in 2021 including the green light for commencement of production at its Hawkesbury facility and the completion of a multi-year tyre feedstock contract with Recyc-Quebec.