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2021: Awards Categories

Best Tyre Derived Recycled Product

An award for the best new tyre derived recycled product.


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This Argentinian project has been led by CEVE (Experimental Center for Economic Housing Research) and CINTEMAC (Center for the development and transfer of materials and quality), who have developed a roof tile made from recycled tyres and plastics. The product’s innovation lies in its excellent resistance to hail and bending, its low water absorption and ease of assembly.

Meet The Nominees

Alprogetti – Climbing Gym

Alprogetti is an Italian engineering and design company engaged in the design of sports and leisure facilities. The company has used recycled rubber tiles manufactured using an innovative moulding technology that does not use polyurethane or any other binder, to provide acoustic dampening in a  new Climbing Gym in Cortina D’Ampezzo, Italy.

COMSA SAU – Neoballast

COMSA Corporación is the first largest unlisted Spanish group in the infrastructures and engineering sector. The Neoballast project, which was funded by a 1.59 million Euro grant from the EC under the “Fast Track to Innovation” (FTI) programme, is an initiative to improve the properties of railway ballast by coating conventional ballast aggregates with an advanced binder and rubber powder coming from recycled end-of-life tyres.

Shredded Tire – Echo Roof Blocks

The Echo Roof Block system was developed to resist hurricane force winds in order to bring 87% recycled content to roofing components that presently have zero percent recycled content. They are manufactured by mixing tyre chip, silica flume and cement slag.

Tyromer – Upgraded TDP-B

During 2020, Tyreomer upgraded their TDP-B devulcanized rubber compound, manufactured from truck tyre treads, to provided enhanced performance characteristics (10MPa and 260% elongation at break.) without the use of devulcanization chemicals or chemical solvents.