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2021: Awards Categories

Best Casing & Tyre Disposal Services Provider

In recognition of exceptional service from a tyre collection, tyre disposal or casing supply company.


Meet the winner

TireCore Intl Ltd

TireCore International, based in Santa Fe Springs, California is a leading casing dealer focusing on the supply of truck tyre casings for the retreading industry, both from the domestic market and overseas. The company, which handles nearly 100,000 tyres per annum, continues to expand under the management of Garry Drisdelle and is now enjoying an increased international demand for its services.

Meet The Nominees

Kargro Banden

Kargro Banden, based in Montfoort in the Netherlands, is among the world’s largest players in the circular processing of commercial truck tyres. With storage facilities in Montfoort and Emmeloord, Kargro stores up to 200,000 casings, exporting them to over 40 countries worldwide. Kargro Recycling is part of the larger Kargro Group, which incorporates car tyre casing company Lintire, the retreader Bandenplan Europe, and Kargro Recycling.

Kurz Karkassenhandel

Founded 65 years ago, Kurz Karkassenhandel claims to be Europe’s oldest trading company for used tyres and casings. The company operates sites at Landau/Pfalz and Wendlingen in Germany and employs 30 people. In addition to its traditional casing business the company also operates a tyre recycling facility incorporating a shredder plant and a fine grinding unit. The company has been a key player in ZARE, Germany’s Certified Tyre Disposal Network.

Northwest Casing Company

Founded in 2013 by Bill Phillips, who has nearly 25 years’ experience as Manager of Les Schwab Tire Centers retread plant, Northwest Casing Campany supplies quality truck tyre casings to retreaders throughout North America, including some of the leading players. The company is located in Gilbert, Arizona.

Vellco Tyre Control

Based in Weaverthorpe in Yorkshire in the UK, Vellco is a family owned tyre collection company and casing dealer and is one of the leading scrap tyre management companies in the UK. The company is a leading member of the Tyre Recovery Association. Vellco is currently in the midst of a major investment in its storage facilities at Weaverthorpe and has also been looking to expand its casing business on a global basis.