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Tyre Repair Award

In recognition of a particularly noteworthy contribution to the tyre repair sector.

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Tech Rubber Company, based in Johnstown, Ohio, is a global leader in tyre repair field offering products such as repairs, carbide cutters & wheels, envelopes, expanding chucks, buffing blades, grinding stones, as well as supporting chemicals and tools such as extruder guns. The company owns several key brands including Tech, Pang Industrial and Salvadori.

Meet The Nominees

Elgi Rubber

The Indian equipment and accessories supplier has developed a strong global presence in the tyre repair sector in recent years thanks to the acquisition of a number of key international brand including Jet retread and repair systems, Pincott rasp blades, Carbrasive carbide tools, Midwest Rubber gums, adhesives and sealants and Westernweld tyre and tube repair products.


The Canadian Vulcan-Vulcap brand, acquired by ITRS in 2018, specialises in heavy duty tyre repair equipment. The company is best known in the North American market but does have a strong presence in Latin America and other markets around the world, including in the mining sector, where it operates a speciality service division.

Myers Tire Supply/Patch Rubber

Myers Tire Supply, based in Akron, Ohio, is a leading supplier of tyre equipment, tools and accessories, partly in the US market, where it is a market leader. Patch Rubber Company, also part of Myers Industries Inc., produces the company’s range of tyre repair and retreading products, as well as industrial rubber products and permanent and traffic marking tapes.

Rema Tip Top

Rema Tip Top AG, part of the German Stahlgruber Group, is headquartered in the Bavarian town of Poing. The company is a global leader in tyre repair products with activities in over 170 countries throughout the world including a strong presence in the tyre retreading sector.