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2021: Awards Categories

Business Innovation Award

In recognition of the most innovative new business idea within the tyre recycling sector.


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SEGINUS – Ecuadorian System of Used Tyre Management

SEGINUS is the first collective system for the comprehensive management of end-of-life tyres in Latin America. It is an organisation made up of all the actors in the tyre marketing chain, including 33 tyre importers and the local producer from Ecuador, who represent 70% of the tyre market. It has the collaboration of 25 companies dedicated to recycling.

Meet The Nominees

CERUB – Certification System for Recycled Rubber

CERUB is a non-profit project created by the EPR schemes in Norway, Sweden and Finland, plus some input from the Netherlands, to create a certification for recycled rubber.
This would follow the production chain from collection point to final disposal in end products, or recycled back into tyres.
It gives the market the confidence that the material they are using meets the highest of European standards.in terms of collection, processing, management and production. It has been compared to the Forestry Stewardship Scheme.

Klean Industries – KleanLoop Platform and KleanLoop DApp

US-based Klean Industries is an envonmental solutions company with a particular focus on clean energy and resource recovery. The KleanLoop platform is a decentralised waste management commodities and services exchange; and the KleanLoop DApp, an exchange platform which collects and stores real-time recycling industry data.

Grupo Soledad – Circular Economy Concept

Grupo Soledad, based near Alicante in Spain, is Southern Europe’s largest tyre distribution Group. Over the years the Group has developed a total Circular Economy Concept, which combines tyre retail, retreading and tyre recycling in a structured business focusing on sustainability within the tyre sector. The company’s retread operation, Insa Turbo, is the largest retreader in Spain.

Kal Tire – Maple Programme

Kal Tire’s Maple Programme is an incentive scheme for rewarding Kal Tire’s customers for choosing the company’s premium retreaded product instead of purchasing new tyres. Launched off the back of Kal Tire’s newly accredited Carbon Calculator, the system has been launched successfully to Kal Tire’s mining customers in Chile and more recently in the UK market.