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2021: Awards Categories

Best Retreading Industry Innovation

In recognition for the best new technological innovation for the retreading sector.


Meet the winner

Vipal Rubber – Eye Control Technology

Vipal’s Eye Control Technology is a suggestive tread wear indicator. Having an eye-shaped look it has three elements which enable users to quickly check tyre anomalies, the suggested time for rotation and when to remove the tyre for retreading.

Meet The Nominees

Insa Turbo / Grupo Soledad – IDNR Robotics System

Spanish retreader Insa Turbo has combined with EDS Robotics to introduce a new system, which allows three extruder builders to be integrated with a single robot, which allows a significant increase in production capacity with the need for only one operator.

Kal Tire – Carbon Calculator/Maple Programme

Kal Tire’s carbon calculator is able to determine fuel and carbon emissions saved by retreading earthmover tyres compared to buying new. The system has been launched alongside Kal Tire’s Maple Program, which quantifies a customer’s environmental impact as they grow their fleet with retreads.

Neroforce – Densolit Carbide Tools

Neroforce, the Leipheim, Germany based start-up, has introduced a number of new products this year. The company’s new range of Densolit Carbide tools has been manufactured using an innovative process in which a bionic sealing layer is applied to the abrasives, which brings a number of kety benefits including increased sharpness, lower heat generation and longer service life.

Rigdon – Robotic Cell Black Constrictor Twin

Germany retreader Rigdon has installed The Robotic Cell Black Constrictor Twin, developed under the company’s agreement with TRM. The unit combines the Black Swan, a vertical extruder with strip winding technology, and Twin, a double hydraulic chuck on a rotary turret, both TRM’s exclusive technology, which has made it possible to divide the activities into multiple stations with a high level of quality and efficiency. The production cell is assisted by an anthropomorphic robot that carries out all the carcass handling activities between the automatic monorail and the building machine.