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2021: Awards Categories

Best Tyre Recycling Innovation

In recognition of the best new technological innovation for the tyre recycling sector.


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Pyrum – Pyrolysis Process

German company Pyrum have developed an industrial scale fully autonomous Pyrolysis plant based on a self-designed , fully patented , reactor producing gas, oil and high quality carbon black. The process is emission-free and no waste is produced.

Meet The Nominees

Eldan – Foreign Object Detection System

Danish shredder manufacturer Eldan has developed a new Foreign Object Detection System that monitors the material flow from the pre-shredder on a vibrating discharge conveyor and stops the conveyor if it registers a foreign object amongst the tyre shreds that could result in a breakdown of the following machine in the shredding process.

ENEA – Silicon Carbide from ELT and Plasma Torch

ENEA is the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development. The Agency has been nominated for the TyGRe EU project, a collaborative project comprising 9 partners which succeeded in producing submicronic SiC powder from ELT pyrolysis char and plasma torch.

Hypertym – Mobile OTR Tyre Recycling System

Hypertym is the world’s first integrated and mobile mining tyre reduction system. The Hypertym is a trailer which can reduce OTR tyres up to 63” into 100 kg slices without the bead and without the need for additional handling.

Rubberjet Valley srl – Recycled Rubber for New OTR Tyre Production

By studying the performing aspects of the waterjet process Italian company Rubberjet Valley (RJV) have developed a sustainable and efficient proprietary technology capable of processing end of life OTR tyres more efficiently and cost-effectively than competitors, obtaining an innovative elastomeric material RJP: a devulcanised rubber powder that can be used in rubber compounds for new tyre production, at a considerably lower cost compared to virgin rubber.