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VM Rubber is one of the newest players in the tyre retreading supplier’s sphere. Founded in June 2020 by Pablo Versini, who has over 25 years of experience in this business, the company has its offices and warehouse in Rovereto (Italy). Since its starting date, VM Rubber has been focusing on developing a high-quality product line together with a reliable service. In a rapidly changing world, VMR is aiming to be a flexible and dynamic reality able to adapt to its customers’ needs.  

The company manufactures and supplies tools for three main business fields: tyre retreading, tyre workshops, and conveyor belt repair. The product range includes accessories and consumables for the Retreading industry and equipment for onsite tyre service, enabling a selection of articles used from passenger to OTR tyres. VM Rubber’s attention is also on introducing items for correlated sectors, such as the production of new tyres and the distribution of retreaded tyres. 

VMR is serving customers in 60 countries around the globe and counting, with a team that is growing and now consists of five people including the people working in the headquarters and the sales representatives working from abroad (Germany, Portugal, and China). 

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