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For more than 40 years MAE Industria Gomma has contributed to the success of many companies, manufacturing a complete range of quality products sold every day to the retreading industry all over the world.


Quality, customized service and continuous innovation are the most important ingredients of MAE formulations.


In more than thirty years of existence, the MAE brand of envelopes, curing bladders, curing tubes and other consumables for the retreading and new tire industry has become one of the most established and best-known brands on a global level. MAE can comply with all demands for precured retreading system with its vaste range of outer envelopes traditional technology, compression mould technology and inner envelopes, and hot curing retreading system with its range of curing tubes and curing flaps.


Today MAE is capable of responding rapidly to changes in the demand of the global market. The company supplies 50 countries in 5 continents with key markets in Asia, North America and South America. The company also has good relationships with clients in Australia, New Zealand, Africa and of course within its core European market.


The future demands of the market will be supported by a series of innovations, many which are in various stages of development and they will be introduced in the next months.

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