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Forrec realizes and manufactures complete technologies for the treatment of solid municipal and industrial waste.


The Forrec solutions start from the analysis of the products, the careful design up to the production and installation and it provides solutions for the transformation and valorization of the waste.


In Forrec catalogue there are 28 models of industrial shredders, designed to face to the most different operative needs; hammer mills, for the treatment of metal scraps and granulators, 20 models, used for the refining.


The industrial grinding machines (15 models) are also an important part of Forrec production; the production of conveyors and separators completes the list.


Finally, FORREC has a significant experience in the designing, construction and management of turn-key installations for particular kind of scraps such as: refrigerators, tyres, for the production of RDF, for the treatment of waste electric and electronic equipment, wires and aluminum scraps.


Forrec also offers a complete post-sales service cared with professionalism and short time table, goods on stock and programmed maintenances, minimum machines stop and intervention on site guaranteed in 24 hours with specialized operators.

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