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Tyre Pyrolysis Award

In recognition of a particularly noteworthy contribution to the tyre recycling sector by a pyrolysis company.

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    Bolder Industries

    Founded in 2011, Bolder Industries, based in Boulder, Colorado, is a pioneer in converting end-of-life tyres into desirable carbon black alternatives and petrochemicals with minimal waste. Its flagship product, BolderBlack, is a less expensive, more sustainable alternative to virgin carbon black.

    Delta Energy

    Delta Energy is a leading US tyre pyrolysis operation that has gained the support of Bridgestone and has started to supply the tyre manufacturer with rCB. The partnership between Bridgestone Americas, Inc. and Delta aimed to recycle more than 2 million tyres by end of 2020. On November 20, 2019, Bridgestone announced what it claimed to be the industry’s first at-scale use of recovered carbon black in the tyre market as part of its long-standing partnership with Delta.

    New Energy

    New Energy is a Hungarian pyrolysis operation that has made headway in developing consistent and sustainable outputs. It has, in 2020, attracted the attention of BASF and has become a supplier to BASF of pyrolysis oil. This secures their future and allows them to invest further in expansion.


    German company Pyrum have developed an industrial scale fully autonomous Pyrolysis plant based on a self-designed , fully patented , reactor producing gas, oil and high quality carbon black. The process is emission-free and no waste is produced. Pyrum has been collaborating with major industrial concerns and has recently attracted significant investment of 16 million Euros into the company from BASF as well as participating in the CHEMcycle project . Further collaboration is ongoing with Michelin.

    Scandinavian Enviro Systems

    A pioneer in tyre pyrolysis, the Swedish technology supplier has opened markets for rCB materials with Volvo and a number of seal manufacturers. It has also attracted investment from Michelin, who are interested in SES’s rCB. SES was one of the first pyrolysis operations to break into the auto market and attract tyre manufacturer funding.

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