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Retread Industry Fleet Award

In recognition of exceptional support for the retreading industry from a truck or bus fleet operator


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The Recircle Awards Nominations Committee will be meeting shortly to confirm the shortlist for the 2021 Recircle Awards.
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    Berliner Stadtreinigung

    Berliner Stadtreinigung, the body responsible for keeping the German capital’s streets clean, is an active supporter of the retreading industry. They have been nominated due to the fact that they increased the share of retreads on their refuse collection vehicle from 33% to 56% in 2019, providing an example to those who would drive the public procurement of retreads.

    Girteka Logistics

    Girteka Logistics, based in Vilnius, Lithuania is a Digital Trucking Company, blending traditional trucking with modern technology. The company’s environmentally friendly fleet of 7.400 trucks delivers more than 770.000 Full Truck Loads annually, transporting goods ranging from ice-cream to electronics and fresh fish to pharmaceuticals.

    JHL Transportes

    Based in Mangualde, Portugal, and trading under the name TRANSJHL, JHL Transportes e Logistica is a specialized logistics provider offering national and international road transport services within Europe. The company is active in its support of the retreading sector, being a customer of Vipal


    Volan, based in the Hungarian town of Györ is a major bus and coach operator. As part of its operations, the company runs its own retread plant, Volanbusz Zrt, a Marangoni Ringtread dealer, which has the distinction of being the first retreader to open a plant in Hungary, back in 1981.

    Vy Bus

    Vy Bus is a bus/coach fleet based in Norway and Sweden who have been nominated for their particular attention to sustainability. The company is a regular user of retreads, sourcing tyres retreaded using Marangoni’s Ringtread System from the Marangoni subsidiary Gummiservice. The company uses retreads as part of a cpk approach to tyre policy, but also follows a number of other sustainable fleet management strategies including using using renewable HVO fuels.

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